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"Are you quite sure we need to be speaking?”

Celebratory Ancano painting, as promised - thank you all for following me, and special congrats to ancanope for being number 1,300! Grumpy Thalmor for everyone yaaaay! (ノ゜∇゜)ノ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧


Hey Fenris is a rogue roight

I mean he can open chests

Favorite Dragon Age Class?


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Warrior, Rogue

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It’s probably irrational, how upset I get when someone casually says, “Yes, but I’m tired of Ferelden and Fereldans, I want to explore other parts of Thedas.”

I mean, that is a totally valid opinion to have.  I get it and I sort of agree? Thedas is big and interesting and intricate.  But there’s still that little underlying feeling of, “Fuck you, that’s my home town, I wanna go home.”  Then again, I feel the same way about  my home state, so…heh.  IRrational, like I said.  

I’m the same way about Ferelden. Yeah, I wanna see all these gorgeous new areas but going back to Ferelden would be the Dragon Age equivalent of wrapping myself up into a blanket burrito. It’s home, it’s (comparatively, after the Blight) safe, and there are days when I really need that, even in gaming. 

The thing with me is, we haven’t seen the parts of Ferelden I’m really dying to see — the Chasind settlements in the Wilds, and the Avvar settlements in the Frostbacks.

(I mean, I am dying to see other lands, too, but I have OC-prompted investment in Ferelden lmao)

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